Its a Boy!

Getting ready for a little one has added lots of things to my plate. I have been planning and preparing for the baby’s arrival for months. Before we were ever ready to tell anyone we were expecting our lives started to change. We did things like switch to drinking organic milk and began the routine of taking daily prenatal vitamins. We adjusted in little ways at first, going to the doctor only once every eight weeks or so, and finding new clothes when necessary. When we were sure that all was going well and the little baby was growing, we started to share. First we shared with our family, then we branched out to our friends, and soon everyone at Church and school were in on the big news. When it came time to find out what the gender would be we wanted to know. It really didn’t matter to us if it would be a boy or a girl, we knew we would love this child a lot. Friends have waited to find out until the birth day and we respect this choice, but as you all know, we like to plan ahead, and I can be pretty impatient. So, we went to the ultra sound wondering who we would meet, would it be a boy or a girl. The tech asked, do you want to find out the sex of the baby and we said together, “yes.” It only took a little while before we could tell it was a boy growing inside me. As soon as we knew it was a boy, we knew his name would be Zac. We were so excited to find out who we would be preparing our home to receive. After we found out it was a boy, we stopped at “B” Sweet Cupcakes to let Dana know the filling for our reveal cupcakes would be blue. It was so fun to see the expressions on peoples faces when they found out at church we would be having a boy. It was also great fun to see people sharing what their opinions had been on who they thought was going to be coming into our family. It really wasn’t that long ago that we found out, but everything we have done since that time has been able to include the thought of Zachariah in our plans. There is only one month left until the due date now. We have totally enjoyed the preparations. Erik stained and put together the cradle during his summer break. We were showered with gifts from our friends in Canon City, Rye, and my clergy women friends to help get our nursery ready. We have a crib and changing table all set up. Erik also assembled the stroller and unpacked the car seat, so we can actually leave the hospital when it comes time to bring Zac home. We are looking forward to our future showers with joy and anticipation. We are so blessed and know that Zac will enter into a family of love that reaches way beyond what he will be able to comprehend for quite a while. Usually this blog takes on a church type characteristic, but for the next few months it will be the poetic thoughts on motherhood and what God is doing through this new phase of life. I hope you will enjoy my entries on what is happening in our family life and how God is at work in our little corner of the world. These days our prayers are filled with hope for health and lots of expectation. With one month to go, give or take a little, the new phase of life seems a lot closer than it did before we started telling anyone, or sharing the news, “its a boy.” We are in the last part of the pregnancy, but the first part of a window into a new life. So during this important transition time, here is my prayer…

God of wonder and grace, We wait expectantly for our little Zac to emerge. Please help us to do the right things to prepare. Guide us as we enter this phase of parenthood. Thank you for the blessing of new life. We see you in every aspect of our growing family. For all those who are disrupted by strife and challenge, bless them with your peace. For those who have hardship, let them know your presence. As our lives are disrupted by this joy, teach us patience. Help us be fully present to Zac and his needs. Thank you for the wisdom and blessings you have shared through your people. We are grateful for the gift of our son and Yours. Amen.

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