Getting ready for Vacation Bible School

Next week we will host a bunch of kids in our “Everywhere Fun Fair.”  The adventure begins Monday morning with assembly and music, and it will all be great.  We need to be inviting as many kids as we can.  So far, only 8 are registered.  I am sure it will change and by next week we may have more kids than we have supplies for, but we may only have twelve too.  You never know what to expect.  What we can expect is for God to show through the crafts and the games, the smiles of the willing servants and the children.  We can expect great things.  Already we have seen God working in supplies!

We asked for some things from other churches and we got more than we asked for.  Decorations and shirts, videos and name tags.  We are so blessed to be part of a connectional system.  The United Methodist Church sure knows how to unite on things like Vacation Bible School.  We know how to share our resources and grow the faith of kids in our own communities and when we have stretched our resources as far as we thought they would go, we reach further by sharing the extras with other churches.

One of the best examples of this gift is the “No More Malaria” gift we received from Calhan and Rush.  These are two smaller churches of our conference, but they were willing to share what they had to offer.  They had enough bracelets for whomever shows up, we will be able to continue to spread the news about our neighbors in Africa who live with and die from Malaria so often.  All this because of our neighbors in Colorado.  God’s connections are some of the best resources we have to continue to minister to those right in front of us.

So, please pray with me for the servants, the children, and that God will find new ways to show off this week.

God of brightly colored shirts and fun songs, teach us again.  Lead us through this busy week with scripture, music, friendship and faith.  Sustain us with snacks and smiles.  We embrace the love you have taught us, help us share that same love with our neighbors.  Extend our boundaries and surprise us with your joy.  We pray for your Spirit to be felt in our church and our community this week.  Let us be faithful disciples of Christ as we experience life together for two and a half hours each day.  We praise you for all you are already at work to prepare, and all you are going to do! 


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1 Response to Getting ready for Vacation Bible School

  1. Sandy Reed says:

    Emily, your churches vbs will be so Blessed no matter the number that come. Whether it’s 1 or 100 they and the workers will truly give to each other and take home a great experience! I would like you to blog about your first feelings when they said Its A Boy! If that too personal, I understand. Sandy

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