God’s Slow Work

What a glorious time to be aware of God’s work in our world.  God is at work around every corner.  It will be so exciting to have our walls filled with the shouts and laughter of children during Vacation Bible School this month. Thank you to all who help make this ministry outreach possible.  God is at work through our hands feeding people in the park on June 11th.  We have the honor and privilege of working with God to “Make a Difference” in our community on June 22nd.  What a joy to serve God through all these amazing ways.

Sometimes we can get bogged down in worries of life.  Where will the money come from?  Is there enough time to get it all done?  Who will help to make things happen?  My challenge this month is to recognize God’s hand in the answer to all of these.  God provides for our every need.  In God’s time all will be accomplished.  God has promised to send laborers into the harvest, as the harvest is plentiful, if we ask the Lord of the Harvest.  So, the answer to our worries truly is God.

The book club read “Tattoos on The Heart: The Boundless Power of Compassion” in May.  It is Gregory Boyle’s book about ministry with “homies” former gang members in the Los Angeles area who were ready for, or at least in process of, seeking a better life.  The book is a wonderful reminder of so many principles God offers us on how to go about life.  Some of the richest lessons from the book are the quotes and reminders about how ministry works.  When the bakery which employed many of the ex-gangbangers burned to the ground—due to electrical fires, I thought of how blessed we are to have our building.  When it took longer than expected for some of the people to turn from a life of crime to the hope found in new life, I was inspired.  The reminder was we can take part in “The slow work of God” (p. 128). We have been blessed with all the resources we need to participate in God’s holy life and work.

As a pastor many people share how hard they think my job is.  It can be, but the joys always outweigh the strain.  I am so blessed and honored to share in your lives.  To be part of the ones who points the path toward growth in scripture, tradition, reason and experience.  When I take on the responsibility of being the face of God, I can take things too personally and get bogged down.  But, when I walk with you as a fellow disciple pointing the flashlight towards light switches for you to turn on, I am free to be myself and honored to share in God’s work.  I know that it takes all of us to be church.  Not just in our building, but in our neighborhoods, on our commutes, in the silent and lonely places of our world.  We are the people of God, we are the ones chosen, not to be better than, but to stand with people in need.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.  Thank you for letting God work in and through you, shinning out into our community, sharing the love and nurture people are longing for.  Thank you too for supporting the amazing ministries God calls us to.

Grace and peace, Pastor Emily <><

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