A blank page has been inviting to me since I was about five years old. The idea of a whole story ready to be told or written is exciting. A similar newness has dawned in the beginning of a new year. Fresh untouched blankets of snow, waiting to be walked across, have captured my attention during this new part of this new year. Snow fields and blank pages are equally inviting to me. It seems this year as though there are many things that can be done. We are starting a new chapter with a new youth coordinator. We are looking ahead to a new year filled with opportunities, but just now, no foot has fallen. No paths are worn down, we have a fresh start in front of us. It is at this time that new ideas start to come to us about what can be done.

The hope is upon us. New studies to share. A new pattern of discipline in faithful devotion.

God of holy newness, thank you for a fresh start. Thank you for fields of untainted snow which remind us again of possibility. You invite us to delight in the new. Today, I thank you for this invitation. Again, I accept. Amen

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