A Snowy Advent Morning

It was quiet and dark this morning. The cold keeps people in and reminds us that we aren’t as invincible as we like to think. This morning, even though I scrapped my windshield, there were still lots of ice crystals clinging to the glass. They cling temporarily because the defroster starts working and by the time I get into work the windows are all fully clear.

The way the ice melted reminded me that life changes quickly. One minute we are thinking about making chili and being sure all the ingredients get in the crock pot, and the next we are on to work. We pass beautiful scenery along the way. Moment by moment, everything changes right before our eyes.

We as Christians are not called to stop the changes happening around us. No more than we can stop the ice from melting. We are asked to move with the moments and seek God in all things. Today, as I came to work (on clearer roads than yesterday) I saw a glimpse of God.

The small lake near the edge of Berthoud had a great frozen bit of ice with snow on it. The backdrop for this lake was snow capped mountains of the grandest heights. I was happy about not having to drive in these freezing temperatures all the way to Fort Morgan today. And, due to the freezing temperatures the lake had a mist of steam rising from the relatively warm water. In front of the lake were trees frozen in ice. It was so beautiful. I wanted to stop and take a picture, but I had promised Shirley I would be on time today.

Keeping our word is important too. Living up to what we say we will do may keep us from other enjoyments or pleasures in life, but we are participating in the Kindom of God when we do this. So, as you see the moments changing quickly before your eyes, remember your part in it all. Remember that what we do matters. We can both appreciate what God is showing us along the way, and live into the truth.

Holy God of Wonder, thank you for snow and ice and cold. We rest into the season of waiting and silence. We make room for the way life changes around us as we invite you into every moment. Show us the beauty of life all around us. Help us to be willing to be true to our word. Keep us honest in spirit, action, and thought. Hold us to the standards you have set for us. Thank you for leading us into this season of expectation with hope. We love You, You are the center of our ever changing lives. Amen

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1 Response to A Snowy Advent Morning

  1. Debbie says:

    Thank you, my dear for being God’s instrument today (and of course I read it late). It was great timing…or is it God’s timing?

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