Holy Spirit

Holy, Holy, Holy, God of wisdom awaken in me the joy and purpose you have for me. Thank you for the dance you created through breath, life, and hope. I am so grateful for the newness that comes because of your imagination. Imagination ignites and opens the smallest idea into the most fruitful garden. You lift us all into the blessed communion of interconnected mutuality. The dance is so prehistoric, and primordial. Light of life is given to us in accordance with your desire to create us in your image. What a joy to participate with you in Holy community. Amen

I am grateful for the opportunity to shed light on the person of the Holy Spirit in our next section of sermons. The Holy Spirit is often overlooked or not talked about in worship, church, and Christian community. I am grateful for the chance to remind myself of the depth and meaning realized in the doctrine of the trinity and specifically in the Holy Spirit. I am encouraged to uncover the primary functions of the Holy Spirit: creation, shaping, and enlivening. I hope that our congregation will be awakened to these functions in knowledge and practice alike. As we focus on creation, I recognize our own desire to start projects, but not finish them. The Holy Spirit is careful not only to initiate life, but also to finish the creation at hand before moving on to the next accomplishment. One of my favorite quotes I have found while preparing for this series is by Leonardo Boff, a catholic liberation theologist. He says “Figuratively we could say that the Holy Spirit is the creative imagination of God.” Wow, we are invited to participate and be in relationship with the creative imagination of God. As a creative imaginative person, I am enlivened by this invitation. I hope that we will all respond with grace as we are continually shaped by the mutual life giving power, hope, and grace of the Spirit. Arguments over who proceeds and subordinates to whom in the dance of the three persons of the trinity seem quite opposite to the connectedness and holy mutuality that actually are available in the Trinity. One more important reminder, the doctrine is not unimportant, however, our life, and living out of mutuality because of the Holy Spirit are more important than the words we say about who God is. My hope is that the knowledge and learning about the Holy Spirit will directly translate into our hospitality for all, our own imagining with God, and an enlivening which compels us to love in action.

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1 Response to Holy Spirit

  1. Debbie says:

    This one made me look up the word primordial. Thanks for the challenge. Your energy is inspirational. Thanks for sharing your Love of The Lord!

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