LentToday is the first day of lent. It is a season for reflection. Snow is falling all around as I think about the ashes which were made from palm branch burning just yesterday. We too can go from hot to cold. We start out with such passion in our Lenten disciplines. So far my commitment to forfeit sweets for lent hasn’t hurt much. Even though it is Valentine’s day, “A Hallmark Holiday” as someone recently shared. However, I am glad for the discipline. I am grateful that I can do without. I am grateful that the longings we have, when redirected to Creator-Redeemer-Sustainer, are recognized and fulfilled. The snow seems a gift for us to begin our challenge of redirecting our focus toward God. Quiet your hearts, calm your mind, hush the fever. Be ready for the softness of lent. Be ready for the ways God calls to settle in deeper to our faith. When we curl up with the Bible on this type of day, we are restored. We recognize our frailty and we keep ourselves from the elements. We hold on to the promise that the snow will stop. There will be light and sun again soon. We have these blessings of seasons to help set us on the paths of righteousness. Not for our own sake, but for the sake of Christ. So that we might witness, pray, participate in worship, give, and serve in more meaningful ways. I am blessed by the mixing of smoke on my mittens and snow in the air.
Thank you God for the beauty of love. Thank you for this season of Lent, which quiets our minds and cleanses our souls. Keep us from harm. Open us to your Sustaining Spirit when we lack the things we are used to. Help us live the call to pray, fast, give alms, and be ready for what ever this season brings. We praise you with love this day. Amen.

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