Paragraphs dedicated to ministry and faithful discipleship are my goal.  I hope that this blog will be a helpful tool for Christian disciples.  As I live out my own disciplesip I will share what I am learning.  We are always learning about faith.  Putting into practice what we know, becomes our practical discipleship.  I am grateful for the many opportunities which have shaped my life in faith. 

I was raised in a unique combination of an Evangelical, new age, United Methodist household.  We grew up fighting on the way to church, but were the last ones to leave the building on most Sundays.  We participated in choir, talent shows, fundraisers, plays, youth group, and classes.  I first read the Bible from front to back the summer after graduating from high school. 

I atteneded a United Methodist College, and then went on to Seminary at Saint Paul School of Theology.  It was this season in my life when I began to fully integrate my thoughts on God with lived out discipleship.  Our actions shape out discipleship and our discipleship can shape our actions if we let it.  The process of practical discipleship continues to be a wonderful point of discovery which I love to share. 

I will share my own realizations of faith and expeirences which have helped to make me the person and pastor that I am. I hope that others too will share their thoughts and questions about what it means to be a practicing follower of Christ.  I welcome defining conversation and hope to have many discussions about what practical discipleship really means. 

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2 Responses to Definitions

  1. Germaine French says:

    I hope to follow your blog a bit. I hope it will be an experiment in media spirtuality. 🙂 Germaine

  2. Germaine French says:

    Waiting for you to add more!

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